One of our most popular cosmetic dental procedures is teeth whitening treatment. Lots of patients want a whiter smile, whether they’re dissatisfied with the current colour of their teeth or simply wanting to achiever a more natural looking smile for a special occasion.

Causes of tooth discolouration can range from consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, to taking certain types of medication, and the natural ageing process. Any or all of these can cause your teeth to appear not as white or bright as they once were.

Alternatively, for an at-home whitening method we offer custom-fitted trays, similar to a sports mouthguard. Whitening gel is applied to the trays which are then worn for an hour, or overnight, for a period of 7-10 days. Many patients however notice a significant difference after only a few days.

All our teeth whitening treatments are completely safe to use, although depending on the colour of your teeth and the shade you wish to accomplish, results may vary. The longevity of your whitening treatment depends on your lifestyle and diet choices. While smoking and strongly dyed foods discolour teeth much quicker, with proper care many of our patients have results that last for two or more years.

What is teeth whitening?

The natural colour of teeth varies between shades of white and a light grey-yellow, but over time food and beverages can change its appearance, causing stains and discolouration. Teeth whitening is one dental solution that can help to restore the appearance of teeth, with this treatment being one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures.

Professional bleaching is a common method that involves a bleaching formula being applied to the stained teeth and a special light being used to begin the whitening action. The active ingredient of the bleaching formula is then broken down with oxygen getting into the enamel, resulting in teeth becoming lighter.

Dental patients may also be offered the choice of taking home a tailor-made whitening kit prepared by our team. An impression of your teeth is taken and then a custom-moulded tray is prepared. Our dentist will then proceed to create a solution to match the whitening level required, where you will then be guided on how to use the kit.

Depending on your circumstances and goals, you may benefit from a combination of both of these methods.

What causes discolouration?

Discoloured teeth can affect your entire smile and appearance. Discolouration may result from a variety of factors, including:

  • Consumption of coffee, tea or red wine
  • Smoking
  • Regularly eating highly coloured foods (such as darkly coloured berries or foods with dark dyes)
  • Part of the ageing process (stains tend to accumulate as we get older)
  • Certain medications
  • Dental hygiene
  • Tooth decay
  • Genetics
  • Factors that occurred as the patient’s teeth were developing (for example, the use of certain types of antibiotics)

Exactly as it sounds, this procedure is meant to help whiten the colour of your teeth. This can refresh your entire appearance with one simple, non-invasive treatment.

It’s often ideal to first understand what is causing your discolouration before beginning whitening treatment; if you eliminate certain factors like tooth decay or medication use, then you and your dentist will have a better idea of what will work for you (or, whether you may need other treatments first so as not to impede the benefits of your whitening procedure).

If you would like to find out if you are eligible for teeth whitening make sure to contact our friendly team at Dentistry on Main Street.