About Us

Dentistry on Main Street is your family focused Dental practice. We aim to provide quality, gentle dental care. Our Dentists are highly professional and continue to keep up to date with the evolution of technology. Our facilities include digital x-rays, WAND injection system, Intraoral Camera. When it comes to your care we want you to be completely relaxed during your appointment. We have mastered the creation of a friendly environment, we want you to enjoy every aspect of your visit with us.

Here at Dentistry on Main Street, we pride ourselves on a “NO Barrier” approach when it comes to you. We achieve this by removing the 1980’s style of reception area. Many people suffer with “White Coat” syndrome… You will be happy to know that the Dentist and Staff are very colourful here. We enjoy fun, stress free relationships between staff and patients and pride ourselves on offering superior, honest dentistry.

Our Facilities

You won’t find a more modern, up-to-date dental practice in Brisbane’s north than Dentistry on Main Street. We have invested in the most current technology available, such as our in-house digital x-ray machine and intraoral camera, to ensure top quality dental care for our patients.

Modern dentistry is in a state of constant innovation in both technology and dental procedures. That’s why, by keeping up-to-date with these advances, our dedicated team is able to provide you with the very best standard of care.